June is over? Julying….
🤣Sorry, I had to.
Definitely some interesting times right now in the local housing market. New listings dropped from 72 to 57. Active listings dropped from 95 to 73, Pending sales went up from 56 to 66. This shows us demand is still high. Simply great news for anyone selling a house. Average days on market and average showings per listing both went up significantly. Do you think this is because buyers are being more selective, or cautious? You would think with everyone social distancing and ultra low supply these numbers would go even lower. It goes to show its certainly tough to predict. The housing market is definitely a completely fluid situation right now. I’ll be looking at the July numbers and bring you the stats early next month. if you are are looking to sell or buy a house in Andover, Oak grove, Ham Lake and the surrounding areas I am fully vested in the area and have been a resident for  years.
If you have any questions about your specific area DM me, call me, text me, email me, smoke signal me! I’d love to help.
-Tom Laing
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